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“When is a bot a person?,” my colleague Kirsten asked after I learned that Polestar’s climate bot is more human than machine. Polestar launched its “Truth Bot” on X (formerly Twitter) ahead … more
Invitation comes after tech billionaire accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu to inspect Israeli kibbutz that was attacked by HamasHamas has invited Elon Musk to Gaza to witness the devastation of the … more
The notorious ransomware gang LockBit has claimed responsibility for a cyberattack targeting India’s state-owned aerospace research lab. On Wednesday, LockBit added the National Aerospace … more
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German micromobility operator Tier Mobility is laying off another 22% of its workforce to cut costs in the never-ending grind toward profitability, according to a LinkedIn post from CEO Lawrence … more
Dozens of advocacy groups are pressuring the US Congress to abandon plans to ram through the renewal of a controversial surveillance program that they say poses an “alarming threat to civil … more
Research delving into a less visible component of Google’s search ads business — a network of third-party sites called Google Search Partners (also known as the GSP network or SPN) — has … more
The rise of generative AI opens up a massive new market for the large cloud providers, but it’s also a bit of a reset. Unlike the rise of containers, for example, generative AI is an entirely new … more
Amazon has developed a generative AI helper that codes, manages cloud software, and powers business apps. The company has also developed new silicon for AI. more
After internal chaos earlier this month, OpenAI replaced the women on its board with men. As it plans to add more seats, Timnit Gebru, Sasha Luccioni, and other AI luminaries tell WIRED why they … more
In one of the largest studies ever on mental health and internet use, the Oxford Internet Institute has declared that there is no “smoking gun” linking the internet with psychological harm. … more
Frederic Lardinois / TechCrunch: AWS launches S3 Express One Zone, an S3 tier aimed at data-intensive applications with a 10x write speed improvement and 50% lower request cost than standard … more
Ikea just announced a set of smart home sensors all for under $10. The set includes a door and window sensor named Parasoll, a motion sensor called Vallhorn, and a water leakage sensor called … more
Image: Warner Bros. Animation It turns out that Warner Bros. Discovery actually won’t be pulling Looney Tunes from Max. On Monday, in a 4:02PM ET email with the subject line … more
Nvidia has long been involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technologies, providing the industry with graphic processing units that can perform millions of calculations simultaneously. Now … more
Alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Mr. Musk toured an Israeli village where dozens of people were killed in the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attacks. more
Google’s AI offshoot finds copy-cat robots capable of aping human mentors A team of machine learning researchers from Google's DeepMind claim to have demonstrated that AI can acquire skills in a … more
Goodbye animal of the day. more
Rogers wants Canada’s telecom watchdog to exclude streaming services associated with Canadian broadcasting groups from initial contributions surrounding the Online Streaming Act. Known as Bill … more
About Amazon: AWS announces Graviton4, with up to 30% better performance, 50% more cores, and 75% more memory bandwidth than Graviton3, and Trainium2 for 4x faster training  —  AWS … more
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